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Holy Trinity Seminary Press presents New Book in Lebanon

With the blessing and under the patronage of His Beatitude, Patriarch John X of Antioch & All the East, staff of Holy Trinity Publications in Jordanville, NY participated in a week of festivities culminating in the patronal feast of the St. John of Damascus Institute of Theology at the University of Balamand in Tripoli, Lebanon.

The focus of the week was the recently released scholarly work, Arab Orthodox Christian Under the Ottomans, 1516-1831 by Dr. Constantin A. Panchenko of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. On Wednesday, November 30th, Nicholas Chapman, director of Holy Trinity Publications, gave a lecture entitled "From Antioch to America: Levantine Christianity & the New World 1500-1800", in which he surveyed the surprisingly vast network of connections between the Orthodox Church in its ancient homeland and in the West. The next day, Dr. Panchenko drew from the research in his book with a presentation titled, "A Melkite Proto-Renaissance: A Forgotten Cultural Revival of the Melkites in the Late 16th Century". Finally, on December 3, the two previous speakers joined Dr. Souad Slim of the University of Balamand for a seminar on Saturday morning to discuss important facets and themes of the recently-published book. The lectures and panel discussions will be broadcast on Ancient Faith Radio in the near future.

Throughout the week, the visitors toured ancient villages and cities on the Mediterranean coast and Mt. Lebanon, visited early Christian monasteries, recently revived with active monastic communities, and explored archeological sites where centuries-old frescoes have recently been restored.

On Saturday evening, following Patriarchal vespers at the Balamand Monastery church, the staff presented two of Holy Trinity Publications’ newest releases: The Field: Cultivating Salvation and On the Tree of the Cross: Georges Florovsky & the Patristic Doctrine of Atonement to His Beatitude, the Patriarch. They also discussed Dr. Panchenko’s book, for which His Beatitude provided a foreword. On Sunday, Deacon Peter Markevich (cleric of Holy Trinity Monastery) joined His Beatitude and local clergy in serving the Divine Liturgy.

Holy Trinity Publications is deeply indebted to the Institute of Theology, its dean, Priest Porphyrios Georgi, the staff and seminarians, for their selfless hospitality and to Dr. Panchenko for joining us for the festivities. His book, Arab Orthodox Christians under the Ottomans, 1516-1831, is available in Russian and English directly from the publisher or from any good bookseller.


Holy Trinity Seminary Press presents New Book in Lebanon - 12/21/16

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