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Metropolitan Hilarion Encourages Parishes to Offer Special Petitions on Forgiveness Sunday for the Increase of Love

On Wednesday, February 26, the First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, His Eminence, Metropolitan Hilarion, issued a statement in which he called on the faithful of the Eastern American Diocese to strengthen their prayers for the people of Ukraine. In addition to the previously published petitions, which should be included at all divine services until further notice, His Eminence also encouraged the clergy of the Eastern American Diocese to add further petitions for the increase of love during the Divine Liturgy on Forgiveness Sunday. The petitions may also be used as part of a moleben that can be served upon completion of the Divine Liturgy. A special service "For the Increase of Love" can be found in the Great Book of Needs (Trebnik) or by following the links below.

In English:
Service for the Increase of Love    Special Petitions for Peace in Ukraine

По церковно-славянски:
Служба о умножении любви    Прошения и молитвы о мире на Украине

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