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Jordanville, NY: Latest Issue of Russian-Language Pravoslavnaya Rus’ Released

The 1st issue of Russian-language Pravoslavnaya Rus’ ("Orthodox Russia") has been released by Holy Trinity Publications in Jordanville, NY. This issue includes the following articles which may be of interest to readers:

-          Paschal Epistle of Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America & New York

-          "Believe not every spirit: On the ‘Veneration’ of Gregory Rasputin" (an English translation of this article is available on the Orthodox Life website here).

-          "Miracles from Icons of St. Nicholas"

-          "Archpriest Stefan Lyashevsky, 1899-1996: Materials on His Life"

-          "From the Life of Archpriest Ioann Anosov"

-          "The Necropolis of the Monastery of St. Job of Pochaev in Ladomirová, Slovakia"

The latest issue of Pravoslavnaya Rus’ in PDF format can be downloaded at the Publications website here.

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