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Jordanville, NY: August 2018 Issue of Pravoslavnaia Rus' now Available for Download

The third issue of Holy Trinity Monastery’s Russian-language journal Pravoslavnaia Rus’ for 2018 may be downloaded as a PDF directly from the publisher’s website. 

In this issue: 

  • 90 Years of Pravoslavnaia Rus’: Selected Pastoral Reflections. The Spiritual Significance of Kingly Authority.
  • Man of God
  • On the Six Psalms (regarding the widespread practice of leaving the temple during the reading of the Six Psalms).
  • Festal Days of the Holy Trinity in our Monastery.
  • Historiographic Research of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville.
  • Reminiscences of the Residents of Holy Trinity Monastery. Priest Kazimir Dutkovskii, 1872-1936.
  • A New Exhibition in the Museum of Russian History at Holy Trinity Monastery.


Pravoslavnaia Rus’ is published four times a year and made available free of charge. Donations toward the ongoing costs of production are accepted:

1) Via Patreon (recurring donations)

2) Via PayPal transfer to sales@holytrinitypublications.com

3) By phone – (315) 858-3817

4) Please make your check out to 'Holy Trinity Monastery' and mail to:

Holy Trinity Monastery
PO Box 36
Jordanville, NY 13361
Attn: Business Office

and write ‘Pravoslavnaia Rus’ in the memo field.




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