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New York City: Bishop Nicholas leads Great Thursday Services in Synodal Cathedral

On Great and Holy Thursday, April 25 – the commemoration of the Mystical Supper – Eastern American Diocesan vicar Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan led the divine services in the Synodal Cathedral of the Sign in New York City. Co-serving with His Grace was the cathedral clergy: senior priest Archpriest Andrei Sommer, Archpriest Edward Chervinsky, Abbot Zosimas (Krampis), Protodeacon Nicolas Mokhoff, and Deacon Pavel Roudenko.

Commemorated at Liturgy on this day is one of the most important events in the Gospels – the Mystical Supper, at which Jesus Christ established the Sacrament of the Eucharist, and at which the Savior washed His disciples’ feet, thereby showing them an example of brotherly love and humility.

The service was held under the aegis of the wonderworking Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God. The expanded Hierarchal Choir sang under the direction of conductor Peter Fekula. Despite its being a weekday, many of the faithful came to church to pray. In keeping with tradition, most of the worshippers at Liturgy communed of Christ’s Holy Mysteries.

Upon completion of the service, Bishop Nicholas congratulated those who had communed with receiving the Holy Gifts, and called on those present to attend the divine services, living out the final days before Pascha. His Grace also congratulated rubrician and conductor Matushka Eugenia Temidis on the occasion of her birthday, and intoned the Polychronion for her.

That evening, Bishop Nicholas led the Matins of Great Friday with the reading of the Twelve Passion Gospels in the Synodal Cathedral.


New York City: Bishop Nicholas leads Great Thursday Services in Synodal Cathedral - 04/25/19

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