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Jordanville, NY: Bishop Luke performs Monastic Tonsures in Holy Trinity Monastery

On Monday evening, July 8, the eve of the feast of the Tikhvin Icon of the Mother of God, Eastern American Diocesan vicar Bishop Luke of Syracuse, abbot of Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, performed two monastic tonsures at the monastery. Traditionally, tonsures here are done during Great Lent. However, any lenten period (currently the Apostles Fast) is appropriate for tonsures.

And so, another small schema-monk has been added to the number of the monastery fathers. Rassophore Monk Victor (Nosov) was tonsured and given the name of Boniface, the early Church martyr and ascetic of Tarsus. Fr. Boniface has lived for many years at the monastery, first as a worker and then in the novitiate, as a rassophore and now as a monk in the Lesser Schema. His obediences have been as caretaker of the church lamps, in the kitchen, and also for years taking care of the graves of the monastery brethren.

Novice James (Hazen), a more recent arrival, was tonsured a rassophore monk after the tonsure of Fr. Boniface. His obediences are on the kliros, working in the monastery bookstore, and attending to the snack bar.

At the end of the tonsures, His Grace said a few words of encouragement to the new fathers. He reminded them to take advantage of the grace given them by means of the tonsure and asked them to pray for all of the entire brotherhood.

What was especially meaningful was that these tonsures were done during the three-week Summer Boys Program. In this way, the boys who have come here to the monastery to strengthen themselves in their faith and knowledge of the Church were able to witness such an important service, which they would never have seen in their parishes and, in this way, more fully deepen their appreciation of the riches of traditional Orthodox spirituality.



Jordanville, NY: Bishop Luke performs Monastic Tonsures in Holy Trinity Monastery - 07/09/19

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