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Les Cayes, Haiti: "Never Before was the Placing of an Orthodox Cupola so Beautiful!"

After many years of patience, thanks to kind donors and the work of the head of the Haitian Mission Archpriest Jean Chenier-Dumais, the Mission Secretary Matushka Rose Legouté, and her brother Priest Pierre Laguerre, rector of the Church of St. John of San Francisco, in Les Cayes in southwestern Haiti, a beautiful cupola was installed on the church. Never before was the placing of an Orthodox cupola so beautiful!

Hurricane Matthew made a direct hit on this town in 2016. Since then, Fr. Pierre has directed the rebuilding of four very simple cement block homes for the faithful of his parish.

St. John Church includes a beautiful iconostasis built by Alexander Gertsovitch, new tile floors, and a small school attached to the church. There is also extra land for the eventual construction of a simple rectory, with a beautiful view over the adjacent waterways.

Alexander has built three iconostases for our Haiti parishes and the one that graces the Church of Our Lady of Vladimir in Coronado, Costa Rica. He has recently been invited by Fr. Jean to come again and build two more: one more in Port-au-Prince and one in the town of Cap-Haïtien on the north shore. This is in connection with the planned 25th anniversary of the founding of the Mission and the ordination of Fr. Jean.

Pray for all of our faraway, faithful Russian Orthodox Christians in Haiti!

For more information about the Haiti Mission and to donate, please visit their website here.


Les Cayes, Haiti: "Never Before was the Placing of an Orthodox Cupola so Beautiful!" - 07/27/20

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