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Wayne, WV: Emergency Appeal from Holy Cross Monastery

Holy Cross Monastery in Wayne, WV was hit hard by the ice storm on Monday, February 15. The monastery lost power, phone, and internet service. It appears the earliest the brethren will have power restored is Tuesday the 23rd. It could be longer, as the Wayne substation sustained extensive damage.

Many trees and large branches fell. One small tree fell on the church, causing damage to the roof and ceiling above the altar. Two small trees fell on the candle room, causing roof damage. Another tree fell on one of the work vans, causing extensive damage.

The monastery lost four of their on-demand generators. These ran off of natural gas and with the extensive power outage the demand for gas exceeded the supply. St. John’s, Mother Theodora’s cell, the library, the candle room, and the community room were supplied by these generators. Three other generators burnt out.

The monastics without power are sleeping in the community room and library with kerosene heaters.

Any assistance is greatly needed and much appreciated (a donation can be made on the monastery website here), and the brethren ask that you keep them in your prayers.


Wayne, WV: Emergency Appeal from Holy Cross Monastery - 02/19/21

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