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Virginia Beach, VA: Appeal from St. Joseph of Optina Church

We are pleased to inform you that our St. Joseph of Optina Parish in Virginia Beach, Virginia has acquired 29 acres of land in the suburbs to construct a church.

The much-afflicted Hampton Roads-area parish has been pursuing this dream for about 32 years.

Today, we have embarked on the difficult and costly path to the construction of the church building.

Our initial plans are to build a Russian-style log church.

We are currently faced with the task of carrying out geodetic works prior to the start of excavation. At the same time, we are negotiating with builders, architects, and engineers.

The attached photo shows an architectural sketch planned for construction.

We will cover all important stages of this work on our Internet resources:

Official website of the parish: www.stjosephofoptina.org

Facebook: www.facebook.com/VirginiaBeachROCOR

Instagram: www.instagram.com/st.josephofoptina/

Our church will be a spiritual haven for those seeking to satisfy their religious life, a cultural haven for those who share the traditions of their ancestors, and the will undoubtedly become an architectural gem of Hampton Roads. Thanks to the devotion of Orthodox believers, such projects become possible. Let us remember that the Church always prays for the builders, benefactors, and donors of its holy temples.

The Holy Fathers teach us that "He who creates the house of God made with hands on earth creates for himself a house not made by hands in Heaven." The construction of churches has long been revered as the greatest virtue. Churches have always been built by the whole world.

We ask all who are not indifferent to provide our parish with material assistance and financially support us in the difficult process of construction.

I wish you the aid of the Risen Christ in your godly deeds,

Priest Sergei Kosov,


Ways to donate:
Checks should be made out to "St. Joseph of Optina Russian Orthodox Church"
and sent to P.O. Box 64476 Virginia Beach, VA 23467
Donations can also be made over PayPal

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