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Nyack, NY: Holy Virgin Protection Church Russian School renews Annual Pilgrimage to Holy Trinity Monastery

On Saturday the 9th and Sunday the 10th of April, after two years of being unable to visit Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY due to COVID, the parish school of Holy Virgin Protection Church in Nyack, NY was finally able to organize a small pilgrimage to the holy site.

About 15 people from the school traveled to the monastery on Saturday after classes to experience the spiritual warmth of the monastery for the 5th Sunday of Lent, commemorating Venerable Mary of Egypt. Although a small group, they bonded well and actively participated in both the All-Night Vigil and Divine Liturgy the following morning, serving in the altar, making confession and receiving Holy Communion.

After a hearty lenten lunch on Sunday, Hieromonk Theodore (Stanway) provided an extensive and detailed tour of the monastery grounds, including the cathedral, baptistry, belltower, candle and incense factories, and bakery. The children were fascinated to learn about the lives of the monks and all their work. Despite the frigid early spring weather with frequent snow squalls, all enjoyed a hands-on experience, climbing the belltower, exploring the factories, roaming the grounds.

The tour culminated with a visit to the Russian History Museum on site, featuring the current exhibition, "Revealing the Divine: Treasures of Russian Sacred Art," which presents over 160 beautiful and historical liturgical and devotional objects created in the Russian Orthodox tradition. All were able to visit the enlarged bookstore, as well.

The group was very thankful to Bishop Luke and the brotherhood, who were very kind, supportive, and warm to all the pilgrims. The school hopes to continue the tradition of a yearly pilgrimage to the monastery in the coming years. Everyone was very thankful and glad to be part of the pilgrimage, and many expressed a strong desire to return to the monastery on their own soon. All felt enriched spiritually by the visit, and went home with renewed spiritual strength for the remaining weeks of Great Lent.

Photos courtesy of A.Paschenko, I.Serdsev, E.Podymow


Nyack, NY: Holy Virgin Protection Church Russian School renews Annual Pilgrimage to Holy Trinity Monastery - 04/10/22

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