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Top News Stories of 2022

As the 2022 year departs, the Media Office of the Eastern American Diocese would like to share some of the year’s top stories with our readers. Below you will find articles on the principal and defining events in the life of the Diocese over the last year.

The Diocesan Media Office staff would like to sincerely thank you, our readers, for your patronage, feedback, and steadfast support. May the Lord God continue to bless the clergy, and faithful of the Eastern American Diocese as abundantly in 2023!


New York City: Bishop Nicholas officiates Divine Services for Nativity of Christ in Synodal Cathedral - 01/09/22

Nativity of Our Lord in Parishes, Monasteries of the Eastern American Diocese - 01/10/22

New York City: Theophany of the Lord in the Synodal Cathedral - 01/20/22


New York City: On Feast of Holy New Martyrs & Confessors of Russia, Archbishop Gabriel of Montreal officiates Patronal Feast of Eponymous Church in Brooklyn - 02/10/22

Pompano Beach, FL: Bishop Nicholas celebrates Liturgy, leads Parish Fundraiser Event with Participation of Synodal Choir - 02/10/22

New York City: Divine Liturgy for Namesday of Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan - 02/18/22

New York City: Archpastoral Epistle to the Clergy, Flock of the Eastern American & Australian-New Zealand Dioceses on Great Lent, Events in the Holy Ukrainian Land - 02/24/22


New York City: Hierarchal Liturgy, Rite of Forgiveness in Synodal Cathedral - 03/11/22

Jordanville, NY: First Week of Great Lent in Holy Trinity Monastery - 03/12/22

San Germán, PR: Orthodox Christian Fellowship holds Work Week at San Juan Clímaco Mission - 03/25/22

Jordanville, NY: Northern Lenten Clergy Retreat opens in Holy Trinity Monastery - 03/30/22


Harrisonburg, VA: Cupola erected atop Future Holy Myrrhbearers Church - 04/11/22

Florida: Yale Russian Chorus visits Three Hierarchs, St. Luke the Blessed Surgeon Churches - 04/12/22

Montgomery, AL: 19 Baptisms in St. Martin of Tours Mission - 04/12/22

Atlanta, GA: Southern Lenten Pastoral Retreat opens in St. Mary of Egypt Church - 04/13/22   

Nyack, NY: Holy Virgin Protection Church Russian School renews Annual Pilgrimage to Holy Trinity Monastery - 04/15/22

New York City: Bishop Nicholas officiates Divine Services for Feast of Entry of the Lord into Jerusalem in Synodal Cathedral - 04/18/22

New York City: The Glorious Pascha of the Lord in the Synodal Cathedral of the Sign - 04/25/22


Nanuet, NY: On Thomas Sunday, Bishop Nicholas celebrates Liturgy at Novo-Diveevo Convent - 05/09/22

Harrisonburg, VA: Bishop Nicholas performs Archpastoral Visit to Holy Myrrhbearers Church - 05/13/22

New York: His Eminence Hilarion, Metropolitan of Eastern America & New York, First Hierarch of the Russian Church Abroad, reposed in the Lord - 05/16/22

 New York City: Funeral of Metropolitan Hilarion, First Hierarch of Russian Church Abroad, held in Synodal Cathedral - 05/21/22

Jordanville, NY: Burial of Metropolitan Hilarion takes place at Holy Trinity Monastery - 05/26/22


Boston, MA: 15th Anniversaries of Act of Canonical Communion, Repose of Archpriest Roman Lukianov, celebrated in Holy Epiphany Church - 06/01/22

 Jordanville, NY: Commencement Ceremony concludes 74th Academic Year at Holy Trinity Seminary - 06/09/22

 New York City: Feast of Holy Pentecost in Synodal Cathedral - 06/14/22

 Bethlehem: Hierarchs of Russian Church Abroad celebrate Liturgy at Place of Christ’s Nativity - 06/17/22

 Salt Lake City, UT: All North American Youth Conference opens in Utah - 06/18/22

 Jerusalem: Bishop Nicholas serves 40th Day Panihida for Metropolitan Hilarion in Holy Ascension Convent - 06/24/22

 Jordanville, NY: Metropolitan Hilarion’s 40th Day commemorated in Holy Trinity Monastery - 06/25/22


San Francisco, CA: Bishop Nicholas takes part in Celebrations in Honor of St. John of Shanghai & San Francisco - 07/04/22

Woodbourne, NY: Bishop Nicholas officiates Patronal Feast of Sts. Peter & Paul Chapel in Camp NORR - 07/23/22

Northville, NY: SGPA "Tsarskoe Selo" Chapter holds 74th Summer Camp - 07/27/22

Jordanville, NY: "Summer Boys" Program concludes at Holy Trinity Monastery - 07/27/22

Eastern American Diocesan Parishes & Monasteries continue Construction, Restoration Projects - 07/27/22


Jackson, NJ: Annual St. Vladimir’s Day Celebrations held at St. Vladimir Memorial Church - 08/03/22

Wayne, WV: Bishop Nicholas officiates Feast of St. Panteleimon in Holy Cross Monastery - 08/12/22

New York City: Bishop Nicholas officiates Feast of Lord’s Transfiguration in Synodal Cathedral - 08/22/22

Atlanta, GA: Joy of All Who Sorrow Church holds Summer Camp for Families - 08/31/22


Jordanville, NY: New Academic Year begins in Holy Trinity Seminary - 09/12/22

Washington, DC: Celebrating the Memory of St. John the Baptist ‒ Forerunner of the New Life - 09/12/22

New York City: Bishop Nicholas of Manhattan elected First Hierarch of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia - 09/13/22

New York City: New First Hierarch of Russian Church Abroad elevated to Rank of Metropolitan in Synodal Cathedral - 09/18/22

New York City: Enthronement of Metropolitan Nicholas, New First Hierarch of Russian Church Abroad, takes place in Synodal Cathedral of the Sign - 09/19/22

New York: Epistle of the Council of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia - 09/26/22

New York City: Feast of Exaltation of the Cross of the Lord in Synodal Cathedral - 09/28/22


New York City: Metropolitan Nicholas officiates Patronal Feast of St. Sergius Church - 10/10/22

Comarca Río Negro, Nicaragua: Missionary Outreach from St. Anthony the Great Monastery - 10/15/22

Tobaccoville, NC: St. Thomas the Apostle Mission celebrates first Divine Liturgy in New Church - 10/17/22

Vineland, NJ: Metropolitan Nicholas leads 75th Anniversary Celebrations in Holy Trinity Parish - 10/21/22

Blountville, TN: St. Tikhon Church hosts Liturgical Music Symposium - 10/29/22

"A Great Joy" ‒ On the Visitation to Washington of the Hawaiian Iveron Icon of the Mother of God - 10/29/22


Jordanville, NY: 25th Anniversary of Brother José's Martyric Death observed at Holy Trinity Monastery - 11/02/22

Mahopac, NY: Priest George Temidis appointed Secretary of Diocesan Administration - 11/13/22

25th Anniversary of the Murder of the Guardian of the Montreal Icon & 24th Annual Pilgrimage to José Muñoz-Cortés’ Gravesite - 11/16/22

McKeesport, PA: Metropolitan Nicholas officiates 105th Anniversary Celebrations of Holy Dormition Church - 11/18/22

New York City: First Hierarch of Russian Church Abroad celebrates Festal Divine Liturgy in St. Nicholas Patriarchal Cathedral - 11/22/22

Nanuet/Nyack, NY: Novo-Diveevo Convent, Holy Protection Church host 29th Church Musicians’ Conference - 11/30/22


"Let us Thank the Lord!" ‒ Kursk Root Icon visits Washington-Area Parishes - 12/02/22

San Francisco, CA: Deacon Nectarios Yangson, Guardian of Myrrh-Streaming Hawaiian Icon, ordained to Priesthood - 12/05/22

New York City: Feast of Kursk Root Icon of the Mother of God in Synodal Cathedral - 12/13/22

Matagalpa, Nicaragua: Orthodoxy in a Mission to the Disadvantaged - 12/21/22

Vineland, NJ: St. Herman’s Youth Conference concludes with Hierarchal Divine Liturgy - 12/26/22

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