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Jordanville, NY: Year-End Appeal for Jordanville Annual Fund
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Dear Supporters of Holy Trinity Seminary!

As we approach the end of our 75th anniversary year, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude for your continued support. Thank you for your unwavering commitment. Your past gifts have played a vital role in enabling Jordanville’s Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary to address the countless facets of pastoral formation, especially for the parishes in the Russian Orthodox Church Outside Russia.

Our beloved Church continues to face challenges from many sides. We have a shortage of new priests, both for vacancies in existing parishes and for the opening of many others in different locations. Adding to this, we have a number of clergy who are looking to retire. Furthermore, the world we live in has become more complex, and it takes a well-educated, intellectually prepared, and spiritually grounded priest to meet the evolving needs of today’s parish life. All of these are the problems that Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary works to solve each year.

Holy Trinity Seminary is uniquely suited to face these questions, not only on account of a rich history and honored past, but because it sees a bright and exciting future for itself.

Would you consider making a year-end gift to help us equip even more seminary students for the clergy?

For over 75 years, the seminary has been a beacon of excellence in Orthodox education. We are committed to nurturing future priests who not only excel academically, but are also deeply rooted in their faith. The solution to nurturing solid candidates for the priesthood lies in equipping our seminarians with the knowledge and spiritual resources they need to serve their future parishes effectively, and this is exactly what the seminary does best.

Your generous gifts in the past have built a firm foundation. Through the years, our seminary has been the nurturing ground for at least three generations of devout servants who have significantly contributed to the Orthodox mission in North America and around the world. Our alumni include bishops, priests, deacons, church musicians, spiritual leaders, and intellectuals who have left indelible marks on church life.

Glory to God, to date we have over 400 graduates.

Many of those graduates would never have been able to attend without your help in also funding our scholarships. These scholarships make it possible for dedicated young men to pursue their calling without the burden of excessive student debt.

Please consider making a gift this year to ensure that all who are called to the ministry can be properly formed for the Clergy.

Among other things, your contributions will ensure that we have the facilities and resources that enable us to provide top-notch education to those whom the Lord has called to serve, even if they may not have the actual financial means. By supporting Jordanville’s Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary, you are investing in the future of the Church and the spiritual well-being of our communities.

We would not exist today without our many dedicated and generous supporters. In fact, you are a co-laborer in this noble effort, but we have much further to go. Our number of applicants keeps expanding, and very soon, we will not be able to accommodate everyone. We have plans to keep enrolling as many as God will allow, but we need your partnership to accomplish this.

Your gift will allow us to:

  • Bring in more students
  • Train more priests
  • Enrich and expand the seminary curriculum
  • Provide resources to parishes and laity through our online programs

Our storied heritage is well known around the world, yet it is our future that imbues us with excitement and a sense of purpose. In the years to come, we envision a dynamic and increasingly proactive role for both the Seminary and the Orthodox Church at large. Nestled in the serene environment of beautiful Upstate New York, our seminary offers the ideal setting for unceasing prayer, daily church services, and an academically rigorous schedule, all of which fosters deep religious formation.

Our steadfast commitment to maintaining the pillars of institutional success includes preserving our heritage, expanding our leadership role in Orthodox Christian education, compensating and promoting a faculty of outstanding expertise, developing top-tier library facilities, and fostering a curriculum at the cutting edge of patristically-based theological education.

In addition, we are focused on providing intimate guidance for the understanding of Orthodox liturgical service and its renowned arts. Our goal is to grow as a focal center for the study of worldwide Orthodox Christian culture. This includes a special discussion of the invaluable Russian perspective. We are also committed to ensuring that our enrollment is accessible to all appropriate candidates, regardless of ethnic origin and background. Our dedication also extends to continuously expanding our publishing, which is so well known as an outstanding resource for countless faithful seeking God’s Truth (Holy Trinity Seminary Press/HTSP).

The story of Fr. Peter Markevich (HTOS ‘13) who served as the monastery’s Protodeacon for some time, and was ordained to the priesthood earlier this year, illustrates the impact of our mission. He was soon thereafter assigned as the rector to lead a parish in North Carolina that was facing the sudden departure of its rector, Fr Nikon, who went to serve as a military chaplain. Father Peter emerged as a beacon of hope. Fluent in English and Russian, he has been instrumental in addressing the needs of the diverse congregation at Holy Trinity Parish in Mebane, NC. Under his guidance, the parish has seen a resurgence in participation, spiritual engagement, and communal activities, highlighting the transformative impact of his presence.

As we celebrate our anniversary this year, we invite you to continue this journey with us. Our aim in this year-end appeal is not merely a financial goal but to achieve a 90% participation rate among our supporters, building on last year's 50% participation. Every gift, no matter what size, is a vote of confidence in our mission and a step towards securing a robust future for the Church.

We are profoundly grateful for your past support and hopeful for your continued partnership. Together, we can uphold the distinguished legacy of Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary and secure its future.

As you prepare your end-of-year gift, please consider an especially generous donation to help us mark this anniversary. Your contribution always has a profound impact. It sends a message to our entire Church worldwide confirming that Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary as a major spiritual, educational, and intellectual center of today’s Orthodox Christian life.

Thank you in advance for your continued belief in our mission. May the peace and joy of our Lord’s Nativity fill your heart, so that we may continue to grow and prosper together in the coming New Year 2024!

In Christ,

Protodeacon Michael Pavuk
Director of Development
Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary

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