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Washington, DC: Appeal to all Parish Rectors of Eastern American & Canadian Dioceses

Dear Fathers in Christ,

On behalf of the St. Herman Local Committee, please find attached flyers announcing the Eastern American Diocese’s annual St. Herman Youth Conference. This year’s conference will be hosted by the Cathedral of St. John the Baptist in the nation’s capital. We are respectfully asking parishes of both the Eastern American Diocese and the Montreal & Canadian Diocese to encourage our youth to consider attending the St. Herman Conference. We know how important it is for our youth to feel engaged and interested in their Faith. Our upcoming conference is a perfect opportunity for high school and college students, as well as young professionals, to find a renewed interest in their Faith and build meaningful friendships with their like-minded peers.

To further our mission, we humbly ask you to encourage your young parishioners to attend. Please consider posting the enclosed flyers on your parish bulletin boards and announce the Conference from the ambo and in your parish bulletins.

This year’s conference will feature two guest speakers – Archpriest Peter Perekrestov and Priest Patrick Viscuso. In addition, we will conduct workshops that will explore topics such as the Mysteries of Holy Matrimony and Baptism and what it means be good godparents. During the discussion, groups of youth will gather in a personal setting. This will help in directing the conversations and allow our clergy to answer any questions the youth may have.

While a focus of this conference is to further expand an understanding of our Faith, another is to encourage our youth to interact with each other, in the hope that meaningful friendships will arise. Of course, friends in Faith are the ones that will potentially last a lifetime. In addition, we are setting aside plenty of time for participants to visit the National Mall and explore the museums of Washington, DC.

The liturgical highlight of our conference will be the celebration of the divine services together as brothers and sisters in Christ. The choir will consist of Conference attendees – a unique experience that will be fulfilling for all.

As students and young professionals are surrounded by the secular world, it is rare to find a community that understands who we are at the core. Our conference is more than just one large religious discussion, but more an opportunity to meet likeminded people who desire to grow together in their Faith.

We hope to see your parish’s youth in December!

In Christ,

Archpriest Victor Potapov
Rector, St. John the Baptist Cathedral

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