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Jordanville, NY: Summer School of Liturgical Music to offer its Annual Educational Program

The Summer School of Liturgical Music at Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, established in 1992 and aimed at educating Orthodox conductors and singers, offers its Annual Educational program.

The SSLM offers courses in three categories: a purely musical component (Music Theory and Musicianship, Choir Conducting Techniques, Voice Class); courses focusing on the history of Russian Orthodox liturgical music (History of Russian Church Music); practical classes meant to equip singers with the tools necessary to properly carry out liturgical services in the Russian Orthodox tradition (Church Slavonic, Liturgics for Choir Directors, and Liturgical Performance Practice).

Instructions are given in English and in Russian. The full course of study consists of three summer sessions, at the end of which graduates are certified as Church Choir Directors and/or Readers.

Registration is open until June 30.

For all additional information, please visit the SSLM website http://sslm.hts.edu.

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