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New York: Statement by Synodal Liturgical Music Commission

The Synodal Liturgical Music Commission is pleased to announce that the XXIV Church Music Conference will convene this October 7-11 at St. Andrew Stratelates Church in St. Petersburg, FL.

This year’s theme will be "From Generation to Generation: The Development & Strengthening of Musical Tradition in Your Church Choir," and the conference will focus on choral tradition in the Russian Orthodox Church – developing it where it is just starting to bloom, and strengthening it where it is already blossoming. Throughout the three-day program, an exciting blend of historical, theoretical, and practical considerations will assist Orthodox conductors and singers in examining, learning about (and putting into action) what ought to be one of their main concerns in every parish choir. Participation by clergy will be especially encouraged and welcome.

Registration is open at the conference’s website here. For more information, please contact the organizers at info@rocmconference.org.

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