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Mahopac, NY: Bishop Jerome leads Paschal Services in New Kursk Root Hermitage

On the evening of Great Saturday, April 15, people started to gather at the Church of the Nativity of the Mother of God at the New Kursk Root Hermitage), in Mahopac, NY. After a prayerful beginning of the service, people began the procession around the church, holding lit candles and singing. When His Grace, Bishop Jerome, joyfully pronounced "Christ is Risen!" from a tall church porch, people joyously replied the long-awaited "Truly He is Risen!"

At the Paschal Liturgy, His Grace was co-served by Abbot Cornilius (Apukhtin), Priest George Temidis, and Deacon Alexey Pnev. The Gospel was read in Latin, Greek, English, and Church Slavonic. The people were communed from two chalices.

After Liturgy, everybody was cordially invited to the Pascha meal in the church hall. People spent time together while enjoying good food, sharing gifts and high spirits, starting to depart only after 3:30 AM.

Before Pascha, significant work had been completed in the church: new windows and an outside door were installed at the exit to the belfry; the left wall was reinforced and repaired after many years of water damage; a part of the church roof was repaired and reconstructed to prevent leaks; the decorative pattern on the church ceiling was cleaned and reinforced; the walls of the front part of the church were decoratively painted with "toweling;" the Crucifixion underwent restoration work; a new carpet runner was installed. Some work has been paused due to the current lack of funds: the reinforcement of the church ceiling to hang a heavy church chandelier and the siding installation on the left wall of the church building. A project to build a new bell tower in front of the church, to replace the old one, is in the process of discussion. Any donations are welcome at:

"Mahopac Church Restoration Fund"
1050 Route 6
Mahopac, NY 10541.

Christ is Risen!


Paschal Services in New Kursk Root Hermitage - 04/21/17

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