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Beltsville, MD: Holy Apostles Church attacked by Vandals

Holy Apostles Church in Beltsville, MD, has recently undergone $40,000 repairs and repainting. This work was made possible only through donations and historic presentation grants. But, on the night of April 19 last, vandals sprayed the exterior of the chapel with orange paint and, thus, spoiled the historic brickwork.

Because the chapel is undergoing renovations and is not occupied, the damage is not covered by the parish’s insurance. The best price quoted to remove the graffiti while protecting the historic structure is $2,750.

The mission of the Holy Apostles parish is to spread the Word of God and bring the full cycle of Orthodox life to the community in the English language. If you feel led to help offset the costs of remediation and to bring life back to the chapel, the parish is now asking now for your generosity.

Any surplus beyond the $2,570 masonry restoration will be applied to the building fund for future work necessary to make the chapel habitable.

Please consider donating to help the Holy Apostles parish on their GoFundMe page here.

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