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Utica, NY: Bishop Jerome leads Divine Services in St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Church

On Saturday, November 4, His Grace, Bishop Jerome, traveled to Holy Trinity Monastery in Jordanville, NY, where he led the resurrectional All-Night Vigil. The following morning – Sunday, November 5 – His Grace traveled on to the nearby St. John of Kronstadt Memorial Church in Utica, NY. (Meanwhile, back in Jordanville, monastery abbot Archimandrite Luke (Murianka) and monastery clergy celebrated the Liturgy of St. James in honor of the feast of the Holy Apostle James, Brother of the Lord.)

Concelebrating in Utica with Bishop Jerome were parish rector Archpriest Michael Taratuchin, Archpriest Alexis Duncan (rector of Nativity of the Mother of God Church in Albany, NY), Hieromonk Anatoly (Zilin) and Priest Ephraim Willmarth (clerics of Holy Trinity Monastery), Protodeacons Joseph (parish cleric) and Alexander Jarostchuk (cleric of Holy Epiphany Church in Boston, MA). Also praying in church were Archpriest Nicholas Tkatschow (rector of Holy Virgin Presentation Church in Syracuse, NY) and Protodeacon Nicholas Drobot (cleric of Holy New Martyrs of Russia Church in Norwich, CT).

His Grace delivered two sermons; one in Russian, on the words of the Epistle (Galatians 6:11,17), "See how large a letter I have written unto you" and "let no man trouble me," noting how much we miss if we get in the habit of arriving late for the Liturgy; and another in English, on the words of the Gospel (Luke 16), "the rich man, being in torment, looked up and saw Abraham," noting that in this life we can have secrets, but in the next life there will be none, and we shall recognize one another, who we are and what we have become, even if we never met in the present world.

The Liturgy was followed by a moleben to Venerable John of Rila and Righteous John of Kronstadt. Bishop Jerome reminded the faithful that, "St. John of Rila was the patron saint of St. John of Kronstadt; however, since in 1964 it was decided to combine their memory on the same day, we sometimes forget St. John of Rila. But would St. John of Kronstadt have wanted to obliterate the memory of his Heavenly patron?"

After Liturgy, a banquet was served by the parish sisterhood in the church hall.

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