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Jordanville: Holy Trinity Seminary launches Fundraising Drive

On Giving Tuesday, November 27, Holy Trinity Seminary in Jordanville, NY will officially launch its fall 2018 fundraising campaign. The seminary needs your generous donation now more than ever to reach their goal of $150,000!

After welcoming its first Master of Divinity class this past September, the seminary must support and grow both undergraduate and graduate programs. Observing what is occurring in American society and culture and throughout the world, one can fully understand the urgency of training liturgically and theologically well-formed clergy for our parishes and other institutions now. One of these future priests may very well celebrate the baptisms and marriages of your children and grandchildren!

The seminary’s on-campus student body grew by 20% from last academic year to 24 students, and is building momentum to reach their goal of 50 seminarians over the next few years. At this stage of growth, tuition and room and board only covered about 33% of operating expenses. Please appreciate how vital our financial assistance is to the seminary – even more because they accept no federal funding .

Donations in this campaign will help the seminary fill the gap in meeting monthly operating expenses, including much-needed improvements to aging infrastructure, which is quickly being out-grown. All of this is possible only with generous help, present and future, from new contributors as well as from our current benefactors!

Know that only thanks to you can the seminary be sustained, and grow as it must, to promote Traditional Orthodoxy in 21st century.

You can donate on the seminary website here.

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