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Palestine: Pilgrimage & Work Trip to Benefit Bethany Orthodox School Planned

With the blessing of the diocesan hierarchs, a work trip is being organized to aid the Community of the Resurrection of Christ in Bethany, Palestine, on July 13-22. The trip is open to any and all able-bodied, spiritually driven individuals 18 years of age and old, who are looking to work hard for a good cause, and go on an adventure of a lifetime. Workers will contribute to the overall upkeep and maintenance of the Orthodox School there, and will visit the holy sites.

The cost is $400 for needed supplies and transportation in-country, plus airfare (not included). Priest Jonah Campbell (rector of Christ the Savior Church in Wayne, WV) will be leading the trip. For more information, please contact acting guides Johanna Crowley (johannacrowley@gmail.com) or Natasha Klinoff (klinoffn@gmail.com).

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