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Jordanville, NY: New Academic Year begins at Holy Trinity Seminary

The 2019-20 academic year opened at Holy Trinity Orthodox Seminary in Jordanville, NY with a series of events during the first two weeks in September.

On Wednesday, September 4, His Grace, Bishop Luke, rector of the seminary, served a moleben for the start of the academic year. Over the course of the next several days, orientation was held for incoming seminarians, as well as faculty meetings, the first day of classes, a job fair consisting of presentations for the work study programs, and on Monday, September 9, the third annual convocation took place, including meetings of the administration and professors with the students.

Since last year’s convocation, the seminary ector was elevated to the dignity of the episcopate, so this is the first academic year that His Grace opened as Bishop of Syracuse. In addition, the seminary welcomed Dr. Nicolas G. Schidlovsky as the new seminary dean and professor of Sacred Music, and Priest R. Demetrios Harper, Ph.D., as the new assistant professor of Church History and Moral Theology.

Dr. Schidlovsky and Fr. Demetrios spoke to the administration, faculty, and the new and returning seminarians about their respective backgrounds, both personal and academic, as well as what brought them to their new roles at HTOS in Jordanville.

Each new student then had an opportunity to introduce himself and to speak about his own background, as well as what brought him to seminary in general, and led had to choose HTOS in Jordanville in particular. Virtually to a man, each incoming seminarian referenced the close ties in daily & liturgical life that exist with the monastic brotherhood, and the spiritual benefits that this offers, as a primary reason for choosing to come to HTOS Jordanville in particular. In addition to students from ROCOR, this fall the seminary also welcomed students from the Patriarchal Parishes (Moscow Patriarchate) and the Antiochian Archdiocese of North America.

The student body for the 2019-20 academic year now includes the following 30 seminarians:

Undergraduate students – B.Th. (Bachelor of Theology)

First year
Anton Abaev, Ivan Chemeris, Oleg Cruz, Ivan Golovin, Stefan Lukianov, John Marques, David Mathewes, Thomas Meyers, Dmitry Shaposhnikov, Nikola Tambur, and Constantine Whytock.

Second Year
Timothy Agarkov, John Keller, Alexander Liberio, and Jorge Luque-Martin.

Third Year
David Borg, Njegos Bozic, Ivan Gryaznov, Mykola Ivanchuk, Evan Nalitov, and Seraphim Reimer.

Undergraduate – CPS (Certificate in Pastoral Studies)

First Year
Sebastian Craffey

Graduate students – M.Div. (Master of Divinity)

Hieromonk Felipe (Balingit), Priest Daniel Franzen, Priest Photie Erdman, Monk Theodore (Stanway), Monk Subdeacon Silouan (Brown), Alexandre Duiven, Seth Davidenko, and Peter James.

Convocation concluded with an ice cream social for the administration, professors, and seminarians with their families.


Jordanville, NY: New Academic Year begins at Holy Trinity Seminary - 09/29/19


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