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Moscow: Diocesan Cleric holds Youth Meeting in Nativity of the Theotokos Convent

Parishioners in the youth group "Molodezhka," together with Priest Roman Chistyakov, head of youth ministry at the Nativity of the Theotokos Convent in Moscow, organized a very interesting meeting. Before the beginning of Great Lent, parishioners once again met and spoke with Archpriest Alexis Duncan, rector of Nativity of the Mother of God Church in Albany, NY.

Whenever Fr. Alexis visits in Moscow, he always stops at the convent, and also meets with the young people from "Molodezhka" and other parishioners.

The theme of this friendly meeting was a very important issue, which many people in Church life are likely to encounter, namely: "Spiritual burnout: causes of the condition and ways to overcome it."

Fr.  Alexis endeavored to give his vision of this issue in great detail. The opinion he expressed was very informative and for some, perhaps, answered their questions.

After the conversation, everyone was able to pose their questions to the guest speaker both in the general forum and in private.

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