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Reader Services for Passion Week, Pascha

For the benefit of the many Orthodox Christians who will find themselves unable to attend the divine services for Passion Week and Pascha in person as a result of local restrictions placed on houses of worship during the Coronavirus pandemic, Archpriest John Whiteford (rector of St. Jonah Church in Spring, TX), has prepared reader service options.

Part I includes:

  • All of the necessary Kathismæ (Psalter Readings)
  • Friday, April 10 ‒ Lazarus Saturday Matins (and Compline as an alternative)
  • Saturday, April 11 ‒ Lazarus Saturday (Typica, Palm Sunday Vigil)
  • Sunday, April 12 ‒ Palm Sunday Typica, Great Monday Matins
    • (Compline or Akathist to the Passion of Christ as an alternative)
  • Monday, April 13 ‒ Great Tuesday Matins
  • Tuesday, April 14 ‒ Great Wednesday Matins
  • Wednesday, April 15 ‒ Great Thursday Matins
  • Thursday, April 16 ‒ Third, Sixth & Ninth Hours, Typica & Vespers for Great Thursday
    • (Akathist for Holy Communion as an alternative)
    • Great Friday Matins with the Twelve Passion Gospels
    • (Akathist to the Cross as an alternative)
  • Friday, April 17 ‒ Royal Hours, Vespers for Great Friday, Matins for Great Saturday

Part II includes:

  • Saturday, April 18 ‒ Third, Sixth & Ninth Hours, Typica & Vespers for Great Saturday
    • (just the Great Saturday Old Testament Readings as an alternative)
    • Paschal Midnight Office
  • Sunday, April 19 ‒ Paschal Matins, Hours & Typica
    • Agape Vespers for Sunday afternoon.



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